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In more ways than one.

It's been a funny summer - borderline depressed, full of bleh and can't-be-botheredness -- most uncharacteristic and not at all enjoyable :-( Side effect has been fannish activity being at an all-time low until the jd-ficathon sparked my interest - I very much enjoyed betaing all the fics that came my way and it's kinda got me revisiting the WIP file again :-)

I'm also back from my trip to Seattle. Seattle, how I love thee! I had a ball, staying with [personal profile] feather, seeing [personal profile] starglyph, [personal profile] perclexed and [personal profile] myldchilee again :-) I'm just sad that my timing sucked to the extent that [personal profile] princessofgeeks couldn't make it over to meet with us. Another year, though!

This trip was more about the people than the places, although a couple of the places figured as well *g*. First day was spent on a trip to the Olympic mountains, to a place called Hurricane Ridge. Ideal way to spend the first day after a Trans-A, since all I had to do was sit in the car and go 'Oooh!' and more often, 'Ooh! Ooooh!' *g*

The trees were on the turn, and were gorgeous

Lovely, no? Just as well we saw them that day, towards the end of the week there was a terrific hailstorm and the local trees were wrecked. I daresay much the same might have happened to these ones. The deciduous ones, at least.

The trip necessitated a ferry ride. The Puget Sound was wonderful that day, flat, glassy calm, not even a suspicion of movement. Just as well really, because Puget Sound RoRos have no doors! 0.0 !! Here's an idea of just how calm it was (this was a side inlet, but still, you get the idea)

We got back well after dark, and the Seattle skyline was, as ever, a joy to behold.

But the picture of the day was one I got up on Hurricane Ridge itself, looking out from by the Visitor Centre to the rest of the peaks of the Olympics. The day was so overcast that I was able to focus directly on the sun that was struggling to get through, and the effect was ethereal. It also reflects just how cold it was up there: it was doing its best to snow, the outside temp. was reading as 37F and the windchill must have taken that down about 10 degrees!

So, that was Thursday. Friday was taken up meeting with [personal profile] starglyph, having a good old natter, a lovely lunch, a trip round Pike's Place and a squee about doll house miniatures and fanfic. Great fun! More fun on Sunday, meeting with [personal profile] perclexed for another memorable lunch and a trip round yarn shops, much to [personal profile] feather's... lack of interest *g*. But bless her, she was very good about that. Monday, a vist with [personal profile] myldchilee for seafood at the Crabpot down by Pier 57. It was a lovely meal, and a beautiful evening, and dammit, I didn't have my camera with me :-( The clouds over the Sound that night were spectacular when we went for a post-prandial stroll!

Saturday, we went to the Michelangelo exhibition at SAM - glory, could that man *sculpt*! And draw, too, though I'm not so keen on his paintings. Interesting to see the premilnary cartoons though, and see how he could give the impression of solidity just by his use of cross-hatching the paper. Excellent stuff! There were another couple of exhibits that took my eye as well, but unfortunately, photography wasn't allowed, even without flash :-( And Security was very, very omnipresent, so I couldn't even sneak any shots of the things that I particularly liked :-(

Learned a new game while I was over there, too - Mexican Train dominos :-D Great fun - such fun that I lugged a set home with me, since you can't get 12-spot doms over here, or at least, I've never seen them. I shall be honing my technique during the winter so I can kick [personal profile] feather's ass in April, which will make a nice change from her kicking mine LOL

Back to work tomorrow :-( Still, it was a great trip, and it's left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated: actually *meeting* other fangrrls is a great fillip :-) Who knows, I might even get my finger out and actually *write* something again!

Hmmm. Posted using Semagic - and my tag list seems to disappeared :-( Wonder where it's gone?

Date: 2009-11-01 08:34 pm (UTC)
princessofgeeks: (Default)
From: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
oh, wow what gorgeous pictures!

maybe i can get in on this next year.


Date: 2009-11-02 05:34 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] myldchilee
What great pictures - and that night shot of Seattle really captures it all doesn't it? Squee! That's my town! That flat-glass water doesn't happen very often around here, so you really lucked out - and those trees looked fantastic...before the windstorm hit the next couple days. Great timing.

I, of course, left your gift in the car under the passenger seat where I stowed it for safe keeping while we were at dinner. Yeah. And with the way my schedule and Feather's tend to run opposite each other, I'll be lucky to see them before spring. I could kick myself. I think I will. Ouch!

You did a great job wrangling your crab dinner - it's not often that the advice for eating a dish is "pick up the mallet and give it a good whack!" LOLOL You two were hilarious.

We should start our own PNW girlie fan-con since so many of us live in these parts. There must be somewhere with enough tables to hold us all for a dinner out.

It was so great to see you. Next April, huh? I'll reserve my calendar now. :)

*massive hugs*

Date: 2009-11-03 06:09 am (UTC)
starglyph: Absolute Power (flirt)
From: [personal profile] starglyph

And many thanks for the lube, condoms, and the how-to guide! ;-D Oh, and the razors, too. :p

It was wonderful seeing you again!

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