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Yep, still alive ::nods vigourously:: - despite appearances ;-)

So. Jaunt Day with [personal profile] nicci_mac. We went to Beecraigs, a country park/deer farm/trout farm near Linlithgow. Deer and trout weren't the main things we were after though - we were after fungi. And we found some beauties :-D The macro got a workout and a half ;-)

These are the woods in question: it's a vast conifer plantation in the bits that aren't deer farm or trout farm but with some deciduous woodland mixed in in places

The weather wasn't too bad. It was dry at least, and the sun did break through a wee bit at times.

We musta seen ten or twelve different species of fungi! I've been trying to ID the ones we saw, and some of them I have, but by no means all. Still, they're very photogenic :-D

I was keen to see some good-sized fly agarics (magic mushrooms) but either kids or dogs had been through before us and most of them were trashed :-( We found a baby one just bursting through though

and once we got deeper off the beaten path, we found some absolute crackers of other species

At one point we came across some stumps that were heavily colonised: this one I thought looked exactly like a wedding cake, surrounded with flowers and with more on the top

and Nicci made a totally spectacular find: this one is called 'plums and custard' and the photos show why (apologies for the first one, it didn't come out that well but I wanted to show you guys)

The plums, obviously. And where does the custard come into things? When you look underneath, that's when *g*

I've saved my two favourites until last. The first one makes me think of the famous Pushtu marching song - take a look and guess which one ;-)

Yep ::nods:: 'there's a boy across the river with a bottom like a peach, but alas, I cannot swim'

And this final one is simply the *most* elegant shape

I've got loads more, but I think I've probably bored you all enough for one post LOL

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