-- and there be presents for sharing :-)

Firstly, a fic from Joy, slightly kinky tentsex yum! With gloves and bottom Jack and *everything* :-) Find it here -

(A Little Quiet Time)

and a smutlet from Teand which you really have to read 'cos it's funny *and* hot -

(Working Through the Techicalities)

AND a lovely card and icon (q.v. at the top of this post) from skater which has already fuelled some *lovely* fantasies -

(Birthday card)

Hee! I'm so lucky to have such lovely friends. Seriously, I feel blessed.

And I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and figured out how to do the clicky link thingy - so, all good ::beams::

ETA: and another pressie *g*

(Most definitely NOT work safe)

thanks to Nicci :-)))
So maybe this *cough*ieth birthday lark isn't quite so bad as I painted it (quiet, Gal - laugh like that and you'll rupture something *g*). I really wasn't looking forward to this one - I was trying to keep it dark because I suspected it would be really grim :-( - but then I got a ton of good wishes from all sorts of people, and then pressies! Lots of unexpected pressies! And as anyone will tell you, unexpected good wishes and pressies are the best ones of all :-))

First, there was a lovely fic from Joy, complete with gorgeous pic and willy nilly pushing of buttons, which is here: http://home.kendra.com/urania/stargate_sg1/fanfiction/realityinreverse.htm

All this, and a promise of a sequel too, YAY!

And then another fic, again with a pic, from Nicci - and what's more, a fic that made me LOL right through it and squirm in my chair at the end *g*: http://www.livejournal.com/users/nicci_mac/97008.html#cutid1

And as if that wasn't enough, a lovely manip and a wall from skater: http://www.livejournal.com/users/skater_g8r/67976.html#cutid1

AND a totally hilarious poem by Alphekka, which incidentally *completely* sums up my birthday wishes for myself ;-) Find this one here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/alphekka_alpha/13918.html

Now I've read all these and looked at the pics, several times *g*, and I've had a couple of drinks and am feeling mellow and tender and twining, like a young pea plant ;-) And I have to say - I love you guys :-) And thank you all very much for making what should have been a very grim day, a really lovely one :-))

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