In more ways than one.

It's been a funny summer - borderline depressed, full of bleh and can't-be-botheredness -- most uncharacteristic and not at all enjoyable :-( Side effect has been fannish activity being at an all-time low until the jd-ficathon sparked my interest - I very much enjoyed betaing all the fics that came my way and it's kinda got me revisiting the WIP file again :-)

I'm also back from my trip to Seattle. Seattle, how I love thee! I had a ball, staying with [personal profile] feather, seeing [personal profile] starglyph, [personal profile] perclexed and [personal profile] myldchilee again :-) I'm just sad that my timing sucked to the extent that [personal profile] princessofgeeks couldn't make it over to meet with us. Another year, though!

So, a resume of the trip, with some pics )

Hmmm. Posted using Semagic - and my tag list seems to disappeared :-( Wonder where it's gone?
While I was going through my photos from yesterday (and more of them, anon *g*) I came across the ones under the cut, which I meant to post at the time. They're from Budapest a couple of years ago.

wee puzzle for you this way )

I wonder if anyone can guess what they're made of?

I'm going to screen the comments so's not to spoil any potential fun ;-)
Only automobiles, actually ;-)

On Friday we headed down to Stalybridge to party with [ profile] historyterry on the occasion of his graduation. Me, [ profile] feather_autant, [ profile] nicci_mac, [ profile] selenay936, [ profile] sazzle_02 and [ profile] blue_adagio all in Tel's house for the weekend - it's a wonder the poor lad wasn't barking by the time we all dispersed LOL. Still, we all had a great time, the weather was still pretty good, and the catering was tasty :-D

just a few photos this time )
Hmm, so, where was I? Oh yes, the third day of yomping around the Central Belt tourist trail *g*.

another few photos )

ps The icon I'm using is a picture of the flag on the back of the 'Maid of the Forth' :-).
Whew! Busy or what? This tourist lark is sooo tiring ;-)

Having a grand time with [ profile] feather_autant, and doing all the stuff that I never find time to do while I'm just living here *g*. The Man has had a couple of days off too, and he's been chauffeuring us all over the Central Belt (bless him *g*). And of course, there are lots and lots of photos *g*

lots and lots of photos )

So. We had another grand day out today, but I'm knackered so that one'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Temporarily in lieu of the 'wot I did on my holidays' post, which I will get around to, I swear, once I sort through all the impressions and thousands of photographs (okay, not really thousands, but a lot) -- [ profile] nicci_mac and I went out on a jaunt today :-) It was a lot of fun, as usual, and the time went by in a super-fast flash, and we laughed a lot, as usual, and talked about squilliards of different things, as usual... *g* We went to Dollar Glen and Castle Campbell, just a few miles shy of Stirling. The weather was glorious, after a fairly unpromising Embra start (dull and cloudy meh, so much as usual), although there's still a bit of a chill in the air *g*. I took photos.

Fairly graphic heavy. I took over a hundred photos, there's ten or a dozen under the cut )

Eeee! It really were a grand day out :-D
Well, I made it :-) Dozed a little on the plane, but still basically looking at 24 hours upright and (comparatively) compos mentis.

T5 was a bit of an adventure, but not much of one as it turned out: they must have gotten their act together, because my bag turned up in Seattle at the same time as me YAY!

Fun in SeaTac though ;-)

Fun #1: The Immigration Man.

'And where are you staying while you're in the US?'

'[trailer park address]'

And I watched the thought running across his internal screens, 'trailer trash'.

'And what do you do for a living?'

'I'm a research librarian, working in the NLS. Sort of the Scottish equivalent of the Library of Congress.'

'Oh really?' (Quick revision of first impressions)

Fun #2: the Demented Baggage Handler

I had my bag *in my hand*. I was rejoicing, because the bag was *in my hand*. NOT in Barcelona, nor even stuck in the SeaTac system, but *in my hand*.

Until I got mugged by the DBH. Picture the scene.

DBH: 'I'll just put this on the carousel.'
Me: 'No, you're okay, I'll just carry it up to the baggage claim. It'll be quicker.'
DBH (with the steely light of battle in his eyes): 'Srsly, I'll put it on the carousel. It'll be there in just a moment.'
Me: 'Honestly, it's no trouble.'
DBH (through gritted teeth): I'll *put* it on the *carousel*.'

[unseemly tussle over the bag]

[result: Cats 0, DBH 1.]

The damn bag ended up on the carousel and I didn't see it again for three quarters of an hour. After I'd had it *in my hand* :-(((
I'm back! My brain is mince after the shitty flight to end all flights (it was a red-eye BEFORE it was delayed a couple of hours) that just generally falls under the heading of Worst Experience EVAH (or at least, worst experience to date ::tries not to tempt fate::), topped off with doing the holiday washing, since the weather wasn't half bad today.

Damn, it's cold over here :-(

So, what have I missed? Aside from, apparently, another stooshie on lj? Potted 'must read', anyone? Either that, or I'll catch up the hard way tomorrow.

::waves limply:: Only three hours of dozing last night, and a bum that feels like it's been kicked from here to Honolulu, so I'm off to bed very shortly :-(
trying to get packed. We're off to Tenerife for a week tomorrow:-) And I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. We kind of missed out on a beach holiday last year, although really, having been Stateside for three weeks, I have a cheek complaining *g*.

So, a whole week in prospect of sun, sand, and (hopefully) that other thing that starts with an 's'. Yes, that's the one, surf :-D But first - I have to run off to Tesco to fill the freezer. Just in case the offspring die from malnutrition while we're away.
We've just been watching a programme on the History Channel about Mt. St. Helens. It was very strange, watching that and thinking 'yeah, we were *there* five months ago'. Spirit Lake - yep, saw that. Coldwater Ridge - we were there. Toutle River - saw that too, or what was left of it after the lahar swept through.


::sigh:: Edited for spelling. Hungarian composers are *not* noted for their destructive capabilities :-(


Oct. 1st, 2007 01:14 am
*gratuitous pre-'wot-I-did-on-my-holidays' post*

We just had the *best* lunch with [ profile] perclexed and [ profile] starting_gate. It was magic to meet both of you - I'm only sorry that it didn't go on for longer. Because, you know, few things say 'fangrrl' quite like sitting in a chowder house talking slash :-) The chowder was good, the conversation was *great*, and I hope we get to do it again some day! And of course, sooner rather than later *g*
Or, What I Did On My Holidays *g* About ten photos under the cut, be warned!

this is a bit of a beast, graphics wise )
For those interested - What We Did On Our Holidays - with pictures *g*Read more... )

All round, it was a pretty good trip: The Man's firm didn't stint on anything, the food was good and the drink was plentiful. The hotel was luxurious, the architecture in Dubai, sensational. Beautiful, beautiful high rise buildings. I'm glad I went, but I doubt if I'd go back: the whole place was unreal, a fantasy - think Arab culture filtered through Disney - and I prefer a little more grit in my destinations. Although I daresay if it was all expenses paid again, I wouldn't turn my nose up at it *g*
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Let the squeeing commence )

Well that was way long, so part 2 to follow :-)
Just for a short while. I'm up to my ears in stuff right now - tech stuff, RL stuff, writing stuff, work stuff - stuff out the wazoo :-( Too much to do, nowhere near enough hours in the day to do them. All this and getting ready for the next trip too - Hungary on Sunday! Woohoo :-)

::nobly refrains from any kind of jokes about rhapsodising. I may very well wax lyrical about Budapest in a later post, but I WILL NOT rhapsodise::

On a completely unrelated note: did that meme about how many of me there are in the States: damn few, actually, given the common-ness (in the numerous sense, rather than the coarse) of my married name. Even fewer with my maiden name which is fairly unusual even up here. But I'm delighted to report that 100% of the people who bear my (very unambiguously feminine) first name, and all of its equally unambiguously feminine variations, are female :-) Kinda restores your faith in humanity, doesn't it?

today's the day that I do something sensible about uploading some photos to bore the pants off you all with *g*.

What I did on my holidays )
By gum, it's been a funny old week.

The week in focus )

So that was it. Never rains round here but it pours.
Well, I'm home. Flight was delayed - of course. There is a story attached - of course. The luggage is -- elsewhere. Of course :-(

Read more... )
The icon lies - there are a whole lot of words, but under the cut *g*

Read more... )

ETA: forgot to mention - on the way home in the evening, Feather found a badly tarmaced cobbled street to drive along :-) The only one I've seen in Seattle. Man, all the rattling round over the uneven surface made me homesick (for all of about 20 seconds *g*)
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