Oh dear god. With Boris in place I'm going to spend my entire holidays abroad apologising ::facepalm::
RIP Jo Cox. She was one of the good guys.

WTF is this country coming to?
Yep, long time since I've posted, but some things just have to be said.

Donald Trump is a prick.

That is all.
If I quoted you a scale of 1:1 - what would you understand that to mean? Something different from what I would take it to mean, that is, actual size? Just curious...


Feb. 27th, 2015 08:54 pm
for Leonard Nimoy. I grew up alongside ToS, and Spock was one of the many characters, fictional and not, who helped shape my world view in a positive way. A marvellous actor - and also a very nice man. I met him once at a book signing in Edinburgh and he was lovely.
I've newly watched this ep again, and it's reminded me how odd it seems. Specifically Jack's comment, 'Over my rotting corpse'. That seems so out of character, so out of left field, to me it makes me pull up short every time I watch the ep.

So, SG peeps. What's your take on this? I can come up with a couple of reasons why this line might exist at a stretch, but no matter how hard I try to justify it, I always come down to one thing: lazy writing to set up the conflict later in the ep.

Open to any and all interpretations :-)
Does the Merry Month of Masturbation still exist? If it does, yay! If not, I'm hella late to the party, as usual...

After a loong dearth, I have ficced :-) Package Deal on AO3. Many, many thanks to Paian for her usual insightful and brilliant beta (although it was nearly a year ago, she's probably forgotten all about it by now *g*).
I've just had a knock-down, drag-out fight with a roll of Jus-rol ready rolled pastry.

The pastry won :-(

*licks wounds*
Yikes, has it really been eight *months* since I posted? 0.0

Anyway. Rewatching 'Prometheus Unbound' and spotted an awfully familiar picture on Jack's office wall: I think it's Mac on the left and Jack Dalton in the middle, with someone else making a third. Unless somebody else knows any different *g*

ETA: What *is* it with this ridiculous thing about mouth to mouth resus? It was a stoopid 'joke' first time round, it really didn't need repeating ::sigh::


Aug. 14th, 2011 05:36 pm
I'm trying to teach myself CSS and this is driving me NUTS!

cut for blathering about css issues )

If anyone could help, I'd be awfully grateful! I'm sure I'm doing something really, really dumb :-(
There were three: the Valley of Fire State Park, the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

again with the images - smallish, but a few )

So, Vegas

Nov. 15th, 2010 05:27 pm
What a place! We had a total hoot :-D

I wasn't that sure that I would like it before I actually got there. Sure, it was tacky, sure it was dedicated to parting you from wads of your cash - but it was all done with the greatest good humour, which made it much fun indeed :-D

photos under the cut - image heavy! Smallish images, but lots of 'em! )

And that just got waaay long, so the side trips will have to wait for the next post :-)
I'm busily making my first batch of elderflower cordial :-D

I like the old-fashionedness of it and the idea that my kids will maybe carry on the old rural traditions as a matter of course :-)

I''m 12?

Mar. 21st, 2010 08:23 am
Well no, actually - some days it's a struggle to even reach 12...

catspaw: (catspaw)
I've done a LOT of typing at work today (indexing Glasgow voters' rolls from the mid-50s - don't ask) and now my hands and arms are really, *really* sore :-(

I'm also getting a little tired of stroppy undergrads throwing tantrums: I *know* it's dissertation time, and I *know* it's stressful, and I *know* it's all really important to them but honestly? I feel like slapping the next one who parks their manners at the door, verbally if not physically.
catspaw: (purple thistle)
Thank you so much BA! Travel plans for my nephew's wedding in two weeks' time now totally screwed :-( Even though I can totally get behind cabin crews' reasoning over not wanting to take a pay cut/take a downward move in pay and conditions -- doesn't alter the fact that I'm left in a bind.

Oh well, worse losses at Waterloo, I guess. NOT looking forward to an eight hour drive, as opposed to a one hour flight, though :-(


Mar. 8th, 2010 02:36 pm
after a loooong dry spell, I have committed fic :-) (It's been so long I can barely remember how to do this *g*)

Adult, but not particularly explicit, SG1, Jack/Janet, J/D, 2700-ish words.

Fits into my 'Revolving Doors' series of fics. It's not strictly necessary to have read either of the others first (Ever Decreasing Circles and One Door Closes), but some small references in this might make a little more sense if you have, since the three are designed to be read as a sequence.

Anyway, missing scene for "Heroes". Much much MUCH thanks to [personal profile] paian, [personal profile] princessofgeeks and [profile] feather_autant for looking this over for me. I've taken some suggestions on board but sadly, ignored others, so any and all remaining mistakes are mine and mine only and due entirely to my own bull-headedness.

And finally - I pinched the 'image' conceit from [personal profile] teand and ran with it, which I sincerely hope she doesn't mind!

to the fic )
In more ways than one.

It's been a funny summer - borderline depressed, full of bleh and can't-be-botheredness -- most uncharacteristic and not at all enjoyable :-( Side effect has been fannish activity being at an all-time low until the jd-ficathon sparked my interest - I very much enjoyed betaing all the fics that came my way and it's kinda got me revisiting the WIP file again :-)

I'm also back from my trip to Seattle. Seattle, how I love thee! I had a ball, staying with [personal profile] feather, seeing [personal profile] starglyph, [personal profile] perclexed and [personal profile] myldchilee again :-) I'm just sad that my timing sucked to the extent that [personal profile] princessofgeeks couldn't make it over to meet with us. Another year, though!

So, a resume of the trip, with some pics )

Hmmm. Posted using Semagic - and my tag list seems to disappeared :-( Wonder where it's gone?
Yep, still alive ::nods vigourously:: - despite appearances ;-)

So. Jaunt Day with [personal profile] nicci_mac. We went to Beecraigs, a country park/deer farm/trout farm near Linlithgow. Deer and trout weren't the main things we were after though - we were after fungi. And we found some beauties :-D The macro got a workout and a half ;-)

If you go down to the woods today...WARNING! IMAGE HEAVY )

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